Thursday, September 10, 2009

Damn My Roommate

This girl has a container full of diced onions in her fridge.
What the Fuck. It smells like a mothafucka.
And Next She Will Waste MYYYYYY Glade Air/Room Freshener.
This only begins the list of my college complaints
My first and Last classes are snoozefest.
and My ONE online class I havent been able to do anything for
because for the millionth time my mac fails to have all the plug-ins


if you didn't know Petersburg VA has to be one of Americas most boring places.
There is absolutely nothing to to, but go to class. and sleep.

But fuck it. We make it fun
Even though I'm staying off the party circuit until i get the school thing together.

1 comment:

  1. my class are quite boring to but yeah see when i live in the dorms , i'm locking all my shit up . the moment i find out someone touched my stuff (without my say so ) i will lose it , to a point. lol but eh i'll get better hopefully.