Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lets get Groovin.

Last week was all about listening to "How Fly" & "Star Power" By Wiz Khalifa...... But this week I'm feeling different
SO incase you may be wondering what i've been listening to lately. I Do this for you

lets get into it then

BOW WOW. "The Green Light"
First off is Bow Wow, he has come a long way since telling all the girlies to bounce with him. And he may be finally coming into his own. The lyrics reflect those of a young man his age. I don't know, Maybe I expected something less but the mix tape hits for me. Some may say he is channeling drake on this one. But the flows on the track just sound like a grown up version of his first two albums. "Beware Of Dog" and " Doggy Bag". A lot of Bragging, Some Lyrical word play, And of course a track or two for the ladies. "THE GREEN LIGHT" Is hosted by Dj Ill Will, Dj Rockstar with a couple cameos from Bow Wow's long time friend and tour mate DJ Jus


DownLoad Link.

Second Up
DRIZZY. "Property Of October"
This Two Disc Album features some of Drakes classic mixtape tracks, like "Closer" " Ransom" and "Athsma Team" (The song that turned me onto drake back in 07-08. Its the basic Drake tape. Witty punch lines, sick metaphors. blah blah. The perfect download to fuel your Drake mania, Even though I must say I am getting a little burnt out with him.

DownLoad Link (either should work fine)

LOSO Incase You Didn't Know So
Upon first listen. Loso's way is decent. I haven't given it much listen time. hopefully you'll pay it more attention then me.

Download Link.

Finally the ALBUM thats been on heavy Itunes Rotation.
Cant stress how much I love this album.I think I like all but one song. and thats only because i haven't listened to it yet.
If you are a Songz fan, or hell even a R&B fan, you'll prolly feel the same as I.
NO download link. Buy that shit..
or just google it if your cheap..

Also . I got the download to Kid Cudi's "Man On the Moon" . Cant say I'm Impressed but Whatever. I have the link if you like. Hit me up for it.

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