Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm cold.
no one here to keep me warm..
but drizzy's mixtape is pretty hot.
so I'll be ok
lol that was corny
talked to a couple Ex's this weekend. I even chilled with one for a while
but that ended up like it always did.

wanna see the convo?  well even if you don't i'll show you.

ex- you know you're still beautiful right
ME- oh boy here we go again
ex- naw i serious though, why cant you ever take me serious.
ME- because i know you. and i know what you are about to say.
ex- damn you still cold hearted like shit.......
ME-  and you still wack. whats new?
awkward silence... by now we make it to my house
ex- can i have a good night kiss.
ME- nope 
then i got out the car and went in the house,

youngin didnt pull off for what seemed to be like 30 min
what a creeper

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