Thursday, March 12, 2009


So i was talking to a friend of mine about how single life sucks
i didn't ask for advice or anything.
but she said " when you stop looking for love it will find you"
sounded good at first until about a million people gave me the same advice.
her point was that " if everyone is saying it then it must be true. RIGHT?"

if the sky is blue and i see that it is blue, but everyone else says its purple, I'm not going to switch it up and say the sky is purple when i know its blue.
because that would make me a liar like everyone else.

anyway to my point

- when has sitting around waiting on something, ever made a thing happen. NEVER
if you want something go get it. no one will know that your are looking if you don't make it known

if everyone sat around waiting for love, no one would find each other,
you will sit there waiting for her to come to you, while she is waiting for you to come to her.
if neither of you make a move NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

just a thought anyways.

1 comment:

  1. ugh..I know how you feel.
    except no one has gave me advice..they just let me continue on with my stupid plans on getting a dude and don't say