Monday, November 30, 2009

It's all about the approach

that what i was told.
over the break i learned a lot.

1. mothers, no matter how much they say they do, dont really respect you as an adult
2. eating once a day apparently is good for you because "you wont need lipo anyway" (wtf mom)
3. As long as i live at home with my mother i WONT get a dog.
4. I wont be able to stay off campus next year
5. I miss my grandfather like hell. he is the only one who stood up for me.
6. i said FUCK THE WORLD once again, All it said back as the feeling is mutual
7. I have scary dreams.
8. Crying is a sign of strength.
9. Procrastination is the opposite of love.
10. Hate is no longer the new love
11. my bull shit blogs are the reason i wont go to sleep before 6. am

12. twitter is evil yet so addictive

13. my roommate is leaving me......... and i actually feel something inside saying be sad.... probably wont listen.. but atleast i hear it this time.

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