Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Even Into SB's

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But i had to get those batmans and hold it down for my baby. which brings me to the two main points of this blog.
First is relationships, besides the fact that Bruce Wayne (BATMAN) is possibly the only man I'll ever love; I think I may finally have my self in the right state of mind to actually care about someone else once again. Awesome right? Yeah I know. Lets see how that goes.

On to the next topic. SHOEESSSS
Today I decided that i will ATTEMPT to save my money and not keep buying shoes. Sorry Mike and Nike, but my car is in need of a few repairs that are not cheap. I think I will lay off until Birthday time in MAYYYY, so i can get my blue griffeys and whatever else my birthday/graduation money will pay for. Then wait again until fall for the retro 12's. but by then I'll be a broke college... we'll see how that goes...

I still need a nds or ds pair of white/black 9's not looking to pay more the 120 though. if i can find those i'll break my rule and def buy those.. i gotta get all the jordans 1-13 all i need are 1's and 9's

Also I'm giving away some old dunks to good will or salvation army. My first good deed for the year.


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